Insight-10128 DCC CMM Specification

Machine Frame

Granite X, Y, Z axes with Y-axis dovetail guideway machined into the granite table

Machine Travel

X=1000mm (40"), Y=1200mm (48"), Z=800mm (32")

Scale Resolution

Renishaw linear scale with 0.5um resolution

Control System

Renishaw UCC controller/ Renishaw digital servo amps/ Renishaw joystick

Probe System

Renishaw PH10T Probe head + TP20 Touch Probe


CMM-Manager Standard version with IGES & STEP CAD import

Operation Mode

Programmable DCC / Joystick


E=2.8um+L/300mm (Temperature 20℃±1℃, Humidity 55%-65%)

Workpiece Height

800mm (16")

Workpiece Weight

1200Kg (2650lb)

Overall Size

LX=1720mm (68"),  LY=2090mm (83"),  HZ=3150mm (124")

Other Dimensions

Table Height TH=800mm (31"),   Table Thickness GT=270mm (10.6")

Machine Weight

2500Kg (5500lb)

Options Available

1) Renishaw PH20 Probe Head     2) Camera with Vision Edge Detection

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