Manual CMM Retrofit

Manual CMM Retrofit Examples:   Please click the following links for manual CMM retrofit examples...

IMUSB100 Manual CMM Controller:   Based on many years of experience of retrofitting different manual CMMs, Insight Metrology has developed the IMUSB100 manual CMM controller. The IMUSB100 manual controller can be configured to interface to any manual CMMs with digital or analog scales including:
  • Renishaw scales
  • Heindenhain scales
  • Sheffield scales
  • Mitutoyo scales
  • Numerex scales
  • Zeiss scales
  • Brown & Sharpe scales
  • Tesa scales

The IMUSB100 manual controller works for all manual CMMs from Sheffield, Bendix, Cordax, Helmel, Brown & Sharpe, DEA, Mitutoyo, Starrett, Numerex, Helmel, Tesa and Zeiss. The IMUSB100 controller comes with matching connectors for the machine to be retrofitted and the machine cables directly plug into the back of the controller. There is no need for cutting cable or soldering. This significantly simplies the retrofitting process.

In addition, this standalone USB based controller can connect to any desktop, laptop and tablet computer that has a USB port. This broadens customer's selection of computer and the customer can use a computer of any form factor.

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