A Brief History

Dr. Chuck Yan's involvement in metrology began in 1990 when he was a PhD student at the NSF supported Coordinate Metrology Research Center of The Ohio State University. Working with Prof. Menq, Dr. Yan developed various mathematical algorithms to improve the accuracy and efficiency of feature evaluation and conducted in-depth study on measurement uncertainty in coordinate metrology. Based on his PhD work, a number of academic research papers were published. To promote his research work in real-world industrial applications, Dr. Yan co-founded Integrated Quality(IQ) in 1994 and served as COO and principle software developer until IQ was acquired by Nikon Metrology in 2008.

Over the years IQ worked with many industry leaders such as Starrett, Sheffield, SMX, RAM Optical and API to provide software solutions for their products. At Quality Expo 2003 in Chicago, IQ launched its flag-ship CMM-Manager software and developed direct plug-and-play interfaces for most of the CMMs on the market. To date, over ten thousand CMMs have been retrofitted with CMM-Manager software.

CMM-Manager Software: CMM-Manager CMM-Manager DCC Demo: CMM-Manager Manual Demo:

In January of 2011, Dr. Yan founded Insight Metrology to provide better service to customers and better support for distributors while working closely with Nikon Metrology to promote CMM-Manager software. Today, Insight Metrology is focused on providing hardware interface solutions for retrofitting both manual and DCC/CNC CMMs with CMM-Manager software.

CMM-Manager Retrofit Package

Manual CMM Retrofit
  • Sheffield Manual CMM Retrofit
  • Brown & Sharpe Manual CMM Retrofit
  • Mitutoyo Manual CMM Retrofit
  • Zeiss Manual CMM Retrofit
  • Numerex Manual CMM Retrofit
  • Starrett Manual CMM Retrofit
  • Helmel Manual CMM Retrofit
  • Tesa MicroHite 3D Retrofit
  • Caliper Designs ISA/PCI Replacement
DCC CMM retrofit
  • Sheffield Cordax CMM Retrofit
  • Brown & Sharpe CMM Retrofit
  • Mitutoyo CMM Retrofit
  • Zeiss CMM Retrofit
  • Renishaw UCC Retrofit
  • Numerex CMM Retrofit
  • Starrett CMM Retrofit
  • Helmel CMM Retrofit
  • LK DCC CMM Retrofit

Renishaw CMM Products


Insight Metrology is an authorized OEM level distributor of all
Renishaw CMM products:
  • Scales & Encoders
  • Probe heads & Touch probes & Styli
  • Probe change racks
  • UCC Controllers
Renishaw PH20 vs PH10: PH20 on Insight 8106 CMM:

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